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Families and Youth

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At the Blue Mountains Aboriginal Culture and Resource Centre, our Family and Youth Support service provides support to all Indigenous Families, Children and Youth located in the Blue Mountains.
We provide an advocacy and referral service while also being a listening ear for anyone who needs support. We thrive in helping Indigenous Families and Young people cope with personal and/or family struggles, housing struggles, relationship issues, Police/Court issues and many other societal pressures. 
We often collaborate with schools, social service agencies, healthcare professionals, and other Community Service providers to ensure that families and Youth receive the support they need. This includes Counselling, Mentor programs and other services who provide services to each person’s needs.

Every Monday during the School term, we run a Koori Playgroup facilitated for Indigenous children aged 0-5yrs of age. We learn about culture while also having fun, connecting with other Local Indigenous Children, and getting prepared for pre-school and big school. 

We often run Youth based girl’s and boy’s groups for ages ranging from 7-13yrs old. We run these programs with our partnering organisations. 

We hold events for all Blue Mountains community to attend during the School Holidays including our significantly large Survival Day event every year, a Family Camp get away every second year. On the opposite year of the Family Camp, we provide a free entry pass to either an Easter Show: Bathurst, Hawkesbury, or Sydney, or to the Sydney Zoo. 

Events and Programs

Holding all these events and programs create a space for our Indigenous to receive the support that is needed for the Blue Mountains to rise, connect, and close the gap.

Contact Us

If you are interested in any of our events or programs, needing or wanting Family or Youth Support or assistance, Please contact us further by calling or emailing to have a yarn.

Email – 

Phone – 02 4782 6569 

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